Nano OUT – switching devices by web

Miniature module enables switching devices via the Internet. Nano OUT has 1 relay output controlled by the LAN.

NANO OUT device is used to control a single electrical circuit using a relay.

Controling the state is carried out by web using the built-in website, network protocols or software.

Supported protocols

  • HTTP (GET)
  • SNMP
  • TCP (available protocol)

Modules LanTick and Nano can cooperate without a computer.

An example of a direct connection (M2M) between the module Nano IN and Nano OUT.


After triggering the input in the Nano IN device the assiocated relay
in Nano OUTdevice will be triggered

Example configuration:

Nano Digital InputNano Relay Output
Network -> IP Address: -> IP Address:
Network -> IP Mask: -> IP Mask:
Network -> Destination IP:
Network -> Destination PORT: 9761
Administration -> Enable Destination ClientAdministration -> Enable Program Access
Channel -> Dest:1

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