Check inputs status by web

Lantick PE-0-8 alows to check inputs status by web. The module has 8 inputs opto-isolated inputs which visualization can be presented on the website.

Normally visualization of inputs state is available to prepare on your own graphics. In addition, the module allows you to change the displayed graphic by activating the selected input.

Reading and changing the status of the inputs is possible by:

  • internet browser
  • dedicated program running under Windows XP or late
  • Linux OS command line
  • MODBUS TCP protocol
  • SNMP protocol
  • HTTP (GET) protocol
  • smartphone/tablet with Android

The device has a 2-level authorization (Administrator and User).

The following is a view of the main screen where you can see the current status of the input and the status of the counters assigned to each inputs.

Technical Data Lantick PE-0-8

Configuration waybuilt-in web server
Number of inputs8
Type of inputsoptoinsulated
Supply voltage12-24VDC
InterfaceRJ45 (10BASE-T)
Supported protocolsHTTP, TCP, SNMP, MODBUS TCP,
Working temperature5 – 50 °C
Storage temperature-10 to 85 °C

In the table below there  is available Lantick Logger application which enables monitoring, stored in a CSV format and send via e-mail inputs states

Documentation Lantick PE-0-8

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