DepMon – Monitoring environmental parameters in servers and telecommunication cabinets

Depmon is a module used to  monitoring environmental parameters in servers and telecommunication cabinets, as well to control of electrical equipment (eg. fans, heating, air conditioning).

The device has the following interfaces:

  • opto-isolated digital inputs for connecting PIR detectors, gas detectors, switches, limit switches,
  • inputs for modules to  measure temperature, humidity, pressure, flooding,
  • relay outputs (230VAC, NO / NC)

Built-in rich notification system allows you to set any criteria for triggering messages

Notifications can be sent by LAN:

  • SNMP (Trap v2/3),
  • Syslog,
  • E-mail

or by external GSM modem (optional).

Built-in editor and a BASIC interpreter allows you to write any in-out interaction such as fan control depending of the temperature or humidity or switching the pump  if flooding is detected. Built-in website allows you to create an interface for setting parameters and reading between the device and the user.

The installer has also available display OLED that can be programmed by BASIC.

DepMon is produced in two power supply versions 230VAC and 48VDC  designed to powered directly from the battery. Both versions have the ability to monitor voltage + 48V.

Technical data

  • 4 outputs voltage 230V AC with a total current capacity of 10A
  • 4 relays outputs NO / NC rated at 10A each
  • 2 relays outputs NO / NC rated at 0.5A each
  • 6 opto-isolated inputs with external power supply + 12V (max. 300mA)
  • 3 channels 1-wire bus (environmental sensors)
  • + 48V power input monitoring voltage (48VDC power supply as an option)
  • jack for Ethernet
  • LED display
  • LEDs indicating the current inputs and outputs status  and device status
  • Standard enclosure 19 inches, 1U

Supported protocols

  • SNMP (+Trap)
  • E-mail SMTP (notifications sending)
  • Syslog


  • built-in BASIC interpreter to set up dependencies on inputs-outputs
  • service 1-Wire bus (temperature, humidity, pressure)
  • RTC clock with battery backup with synchronization NTP
  • groups of outputs

Device management is carried out by WEB interface.

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