OW Explorer – measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure

The device OW Explorer is used to collect and manage data from sensors attached to the 1-Wire bus and  measure physical quantities such as temperature, humidity, pressure. The data can be shared to other devices via RS485 (Modbus RTU) or LAN (Modbus TCP, SNMP, HTTP). For each sensorcan be assign a minimum and maximum value, above which  it sents Syslog, e-mail or SNMP Trap notification.

The device is contained in a metal housing designed for 1U Rack Servers and telecommunication.

The device is powered by 12V DC. Optionally by Ethernet POE IEEE 802.3af.

Supported protocols

  • SNMP (+Trap)
  • MODBUS RTU available on 2 independent ports RS485
  • E-mail SMTP (to send notifications)
  • Syslog
  • Any frame TCP or UDP
  • sending KNX-IP (routing mode)
  • sending HTTP GET requests

OW Explorer has a built-in clock RTC with battery backup and synchronization SNTP.

1-Wire bus has 3 independent ports (1 screw connection, 2 RJ12 connectors), so that failure of one (eg. short circuit) does not affect operation of the others.

OW Explorer has the ability to send control frames to other devices using TCP / IP, UDP, KNX and HTTP GET requests.

Examples of control frames

NameProtocolIP AddressPortData
zamek*GET192.168.111.2480/stat.php?inv=1 YWRtaW46YWRtaW4wMA==
  • Point – any user name (this is also the name that can be entered in the configuration of events as Execute Point),
  • Protocol – the protocol used to send the frame (UDP, TCP, GET, KNX),
  • Address – a destination address,
  • Port – port to sent the frame,
  • Data – data to send.

*If the  call HTTP GET needs authorization, the user name and password [user: pass] should be encoded in Base64 format, and place after a space of the call.

In the example coded admin:admin00 to YWRtaW46YWRtaW4wMA==

If the event should make a few points Points, it  can be define in a macro format:

Name CALL point1,point2,…

ex: send CALL pwron,test1

Calling a point send execute points pwron and test 1

The module is sold with

  • LAN cable 1m
  • fixing for 19 “rack with screws
  • CD with user manual
  • temperature sensor with cable 1m

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