uScada visualization of machine parameters through the website

uScada is used for  visualization of machine parameters through the website

uScada module allows to collect data from machines and devices via the bus Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.

The collected data can be presented in a user-friendly way via any web browser.

Example of use

An example of  use uScada module is monitoring and control of operating parameters for example  chillers in containers or visualization of the relay modules located in distant locations.

Created visualization can be divided into several pages  protected by a password.

For example:

Preview of operating parameters of the inverter can be available to the person that don’t know the password but the changing of parameters can only be made by person with appropriate permissions.

Another use  of  uScada may be visualization of electricity meters located in rented premises.

In this case, the operator has the ability to keep checking the amount of electricity consumed by tenants or connected devices or machines.

Access to the web server located in the module is done through FTP. The built-in memory with a capacity of 4 or 8 GB allows user to create very complex visualization.

 uScada configuration is performed by editing the files in the device non-volatile memory.

Documentation uScada

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