Industrial RFID tag reader Mifare standard


Industrial RFID tag reader IND-M2 supports transponders in the Mifare standard (13.56MHz). The hermetic, robust housing with IP65 indicator gives the device an industrial character. Wide application is possible due to the use of a number of network protocols, including Modbus TCP and also Modbus RTU protocol.


LAN port and RS485 port are used for communication with the device.  There are a number of protocols to choose from: HTTP in server mode, HTTP in client mode, Modbus TCP, SNMP, Modbus RTU.HTTP in server mode, HTTP in client mode, Modbus TCP, SNMP, Modbus RTU. The service is also possible via any web browser, with built-in Web server.


Equipping reader with two relay outputs and two inputs allow its wide application. In industrial conditions it can be a tool to control the efficiency of the production process or employees. The programmer can take full control over the reader, define the functions of the three signaling diodes and the buzzer, read the state of outputs and inputs, and subordinate its operation to its application. The reader is equipped with an internal real time clock that can be synchronized using the SNTP protocol. The internal memory of the device gives the ability to assign cards to specific users (Users) and Master cards with broader privileges. When the Logging function is enabled, the ID numbers of all read tags are stored in the memory.

Technical data


  • Power supply voltage: 10-24VDC or PoE 802.3af
  • Power consumption: max 2,5W ( ~200mA@12V)


  • Ethernet
  • RS485

Standard of read tags

  • Mifare, 13,56MHz

Reading distance

  • up to 8 cm


  • 2 digital inputs


  • 2 relay outputs

Documentation IND-M2

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