Industrial RFID reader with display


Industrial RFID reader IND-M4 with  display, in hermetic housing IP65, with modern PoE IEEE 802.3af power supply, additional RS485 port, internal RTC clock with battery backup,built-in memory, supporting the popular tag standard – Mifare is a modern, multifunctional device that will work not only on industrial grounds.


Lan and RS485 ports are used for communication. The inputs support the following protocols:

  • HTTP server mode
  • HTTP client mode
  • SNMP
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU

and a built-in web server that allows communication via popular web browsers (Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome)


Industry, services, trade, logistics are just some of the industries in which it is possible to use the reader.It can be used as a machine login tool, room access (storage), loyalty system component, work time recorder, etc.  Using your own application or protocols supported by the reader the user has the ability to control practically every element of the reader – display, buzzer, entrances, outputs. Thanks to the built-in memory, it also has access to the list of logs stored in it.The logs may be available in the form of ID numbers of the tags or previously assigned names. Iit is possible to assign normal user status to specific tags (User) or with broader powers (Master).

Technical data


  • Power supply voltage: 10-24VDC or PoE 802.3af
  • Power consumption: max 2,5W ( ~200mA@12V)


  • Ethernet
  • RS485

Standard of read tags

  • Mifare, 13,56MHz

Reading distance

  • up to 8 cm


  • 2 digital inputs


  • 2 relay outputs

Documentation IND-M4

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