Industrial RFID reader supporting Unique standard


RFID IND-U2 is an industrial RFID reader supporting Unique 125 kHz standard,  created for working in demanding conditions, is equipped with hermetic housing IP65. Inside there is a module with which you can communicate via Ethernet and RS485 ports. The device has two digital inputs and two relay outputs.


The user can program the functions of three LEDs and beeper with variable tones depending on the events. The reader is equipped with RTC real time clock with SNTP synchronization and battery backup. Thanks to the built-in relays, the reader can perform, for example, the function of controlling and monitoring access to a specific place, warehouse and machine. Programming it via the embedded website, the user assigns a TAG (card, keyring) to a specific person, thus granting it access at the User or Master level. These data are then forwarded to the reader. Each use of the TAG is saved in the device’s memory. The user can download them at any time and check who, when and for how long  used the assigned access.The reader can handle 1000 users (in the available option 4000) and register 30,000 events.


LAN and RS485 ports are used for communication with a reader that supports the following protocols:

  • HTTP server mode
  • HTTP client mode
  • Modbus TCP
  • SNMP
  • Modbus RTU

Moreover, thanks to the built-in web server communication is possible using popular internet browsers (MOZILLA FIREFOX, OPERA, CHROME)

Technical data


  • power supply voltage:12-24VDC lub PoE 802.3af
  • power consumption: max 2,5W ( ~200mA@12V)


  • port Ethernet
  • port RS485
  • two relay outputs
  • two digital inputs
  • power 12-24VDC


width: 100 mm, length: 100 mm, height: 50 mm

Modbus RTU functions

  • 0x01 Read Coils
  • 0x03 Read Holding Register
  • 0x05 Write Single Coil
  • 0x06 Write Single Register
  • 0x0F Write Multiple Coils
  • 0x10 Write Multiple Registers

Documentation IND-U2

Buy here – IND-U2  (12VDC)

Buy here – IND-U2 PoE

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