Nano RFID – reading rfid Unique by lan

Nano RFID is a  miniature module  used to read  transponders in UNIQUE standard. It has been designed for integration with  Client individual software. Communication with the module is done via the LAN.

The code read from the tag is available via:

  • built-in web server, using a standard web browser (preferred browsers are Mozilla Firefox, OPERA, CHROME)
  • HTTP server mode
  • HTTP client mode
  • Modbus TCP
  • SNMP

After connecting to the network and a simple configuration the device is ready for operation.

To read the current status of the module via the HTTP protocol  in a Web browser refer to subpage for example:

Will be displayed a resource in XML format that describes the basic information:


<netbios>NANO RFID</netbios>











<netbios>NANO RFID</netbios>

NETBIOS name of  the module


MAC address of the module


Last read RFID code in  HEX format


In mode: Control only by HTTP GET

1- read a new tag

0 – not read a new tag


The number of tags read from the device reset


1 – radio module switched on

0 – radio module switched off


1- there has been module reset


The current state of the TCP connection in mode Control only by HTTP Client

1- connected to the server – socket open

2- recived data from the server

3 – connection ended

100 – no connection to the server

The control of the  module in the Control only to HTTP GET mode involves sending to the module  appropriate command via http protocol.







Enable RFID

Enabling antenna in module

Disabling antenna in module



Reset Flag

After starting or reset the module flag set to 1.

Deleting  reset flag



Release ID

Deleting reading flags  and is waiting for the new RFID tag



Led control

Enabling signal LED


TimeOn*0,1 sekundy, TimeOff*0,1 sekundy,3,4

Switching led for 0.5 seconds, off for 0.3 seconds and repeat the sequence 4 times



Buzzer control

Enabling signal LED


TimeOn*0,1 sekundy, TimeOff*0,1 sekundy,3,4

Switching sounder for 0.5 seconds, off for 0.3 seconds and repeat the sequence 4 times

Nano-RFID modules can be integrated with Client own software.They can operate as a server (selected Control only by HTTP GET) or as a client (selected  Control only by HTTP Client).

Operating in server mode (Control only by HTTP GET):

In this mode, an external host connects to the module and manages it through the http protocol. Host manager must periodically read resource status.xml from the module Nano-RFID and depending on the state of the loaded XML file call the appropriate functions.

After placing the tag in  reading field, in the resource status.xml will be filled apropriate fields and ability of next tag reading is blocked until calling Releaseid function, which turn the module to waiting for the new tag mode

The module has functions whitch allows to light the LED that signal when the tag is read or generate a sound, etc.

Operating in client mode (Control only by HTTP Client):

In this mode, after correct read of the tag, the module links directly to the server and sends data about read tag to  apropriet server resource (by HPP GET). As a response might be downloaded informations about LED or sounder status.

The advantage of this mode is that immediately after the reading of the tag module itself sends the code to the server or control application. An exmple can be saved to mysql database or server file, a number read from tag, number MAC of the reader or time of read.

It is worth noting that the device has an option to upgrade the software. The latest version is available in the tab Download

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