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LanTick PRO new software

LanTick PRO new software

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Responding to the needs of our customers we have created new software (firmware) for modules series LanTick version PRO. In relation to previous versions we have changed / added:

  • page layout – in HOME tab on the top bar is displayed: module type, software version, IP address, MAC address, and the name of the module given by the user
  • added communication protocol KNX / IP -from now, the modules can communicate with each other on a multicast address
  • added creator for quick configuration of KNX IP and frames TCP, UDP
  • changed  names of channels modes (STATIC -> Bistable, TOGGLE -> Astable, 1-Pulse -> Timebase)
  • Timebase mode has been expanded by additional functions (detailed in the manual)
  • each output channel  can be negated  programmatically
  • novelty is also possible to control the blinds (two logical channels are combined into a single to control blinds motor). In this mode the module automatically ensure that at any given time can be switched on only one relay
  • LanTick PRO can, depending on the status of the inputs send frames to other devices and control them. Frames can be sent via protocols TCP / IP or UDP / IP to the programmed address and port as well as via protocol KNX / IP to address port 3671

With this new functions modules LanTick PRO series can be used in building automation and integrated with others companies software.

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