Quite popular RFID USB DESK reader gained a new, mini version. RFID USB Pocket is a reader in a form of  a pendrive. After connecting to the computer it works as keyboard emulator or virtual com port, exactly as RFID USB DESK

The reader is equipped in identical software. Its pocket form allows for more handy use without a USB cable

The RFID USB Pocket will be available at the beginning of November.

International Protection Rating

IP65 – complete dust-tightness and protection against flowing water from any direction – protection of our modules is ensured by the enclosure used.


A series of IND industrial readers equipped with such a hermetic casing is systematically growing. Devices that support the Unique tag – 125kHz (IND-U1, IND-U2, IND-U4) are gaining popularity, and following the needs of our clients, we have created their equivalents that support the Mifare standard – 13,56MHz (IND-M1, IND-M2, IND-M4) The readers are mainly used in industry, but more recently, they are also increasingly used in the service industry (hospitality, contactless car washes). Popular desktop reader RFID-USB-DESK will also be available soon in the IND-U1-USB version.

Modified housing for IND series

During the project for one of our customers came up with the idea of creating a housing for the RFID reader, which will allow for the insertion of the card so that it was possible to continuously read. The housing for IND readers is ideal for such modification.It is so big that the card fits in without any problem. In addition, the mounted holder does not allow the card to go too far into the hole and at the same time protects it from accidental ejection.


The housing can be used for U1, U2, M1 and M2 readers

Hero Web Sensor

Hero Web Sensor is both an IP thermometer and an IP hygrometer. Up to 4 sensors can be connected to the device, which will measure temperature, humidity, etc.

The data read from the sensors sequentially appear on the display.

The module supports a number of Internet protocols including Modbus TCP and extremely useful MQTT Inveo. ZThe advantage of the latter is that we have access to the data directly on our smartphone without having to change the settings on the local network. We can find many applications in the network that can handle sensor data. We recommend MQTT Dash

An interesting feature of the Hero module is the ability to set warning and alarm values on each of the four sensors, upon reaching which the module sends notifications according to the settings (e-mail, TCP frame, TRAP etc.)

The module has two outputs – relay and transistor, whose setting can be related to the web sensor readings.

New Discoverer v.2.0

Users of Inveo modules will definitely be interested in the new version of the Disoverer application. The program is used to search for our devices in the LAN.

Inveo Discoverer v2 1

After installing the application and each time it is started, click the Discoverer Devices button. As a result, the current list of devices on the network will be downloaded.

The application contains basic information about each Inveo device connected to the network: network name, device name, IP address, MAC address, hardware version and software version. The novelty is the information from the DHCP service and the option of remote module configuration. To use it, check the Enable Remote Network Config service in the module settings. After activating this service, user can edit the device settings:

Inveo Discoverer v2 2

After making changes to the settings, remember to confirm them with the button Change.

In short, all change will be saved in the device.

Each column with data in the application can be freely sorted and reordered.

The application is available in the Download tab.

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