Hero Web Sensor

Hero Web Sensor is both an IP thermometer and an IP hygrometer. Up to 4 sensors can be connected to the device, which will measure temperature, humidity, etc.

The data read from the sensors sequentially appear on the display.

The module supports a number of Internet protocols including Modbus TCP and extremely useful MQTT Inveo. ZThe advantage of the latter is that we have access to the data directly on our smartphone without having to change the settings on the local network. We can find many applications in the network that can handle sensor data. We recommend MQTT Dash

An interesting feature of the Hero module is the ability to set warning and alarm values on each of the four sensors, upon reaching which the module sends notifications according to the settings (e-mail, TCP frame, TRAP etc.)

The module has two outputs – relay and transistor, whose setting can be related to the web sensor readings.

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