Emulator Pendrive read and save data by web

Emulator USB

The device works like a memory stick except that the data stored thereon can be read and saved by FTP protocol via the LAN

Technical Data:

  • Ethernet 10/100
  • Power supply: 5VDC, 150mA from USB port
  • Memory capacity: 8GB
  • Supported file systems: FAT16, FAT32
  • Read throughput: 3.2 Mbit / s
  • Throughput record 1.1 Mbit / s
  • Built-in FTP server to load data via LAN

Example of use: Changing programs for CNC machine tools.

Modern CNC machine tools have the ability to upload programs through portable memory stick.

By using the emulator PENDRIVE, the programmer can load programs directly from his office to the machine via a LAN (FTP).

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