Digital astronomical clock

Digital astronomical clock CRONOS is designed to control electrical circuits. The user can program multiple enable/disable cycles depending on requirements.

Enabling and disabling the circuits may be associated with sunrise, sunset or programmed to any time of a day. Current time is set automatically after filling in geographical coordinates(Latitude, Longitude).

Enable/disable times are entered into the device using “crontab” table format commonly used in Linux systems. This table format allows almost unlimited possibilities to configure time interval settings. Extension in relation to the crontab is a built-in astronomical clock calculating the hours of twighlight (civil, nautical, astronomical). It is possible to execute the programmed commands before or after the event (ie. 1 hour before sunrise, 5 minuts after sunset).

Built-in clock has the ability to automatically synchronize time with Internet Server (SNTP) and supports daylight saving time (summer and winter time).

In any case control of channels can also be carried out by the LAN.

Switching table can be entered in several ways:

  • by the built-in web editor,
  • by keyboard and display
  • by the file on a USB flash drive.

Besides built-in relays, Cronos can also control other devices through the LAN. Supported protocols are as follows :.

  • TCP
  • UDP
  • UDP Multicast
  • HTTP GET request (the ability to control for example Lantick)
  • KNX-IP in routing mode

The user defines what data will be sent by the protocol and gives the frame a name. This name is then entered as a command in the crontab table. When event associated with this name is triggered the Cronos will sends the frame over selected protocol.

Web panel is protected by administrator password and user password. The device keyboard can also be locked to prevent unauthorized access. Unlocking is also possible by inserting a memory stick with a file cronos.key which contains the same password as entered in www panel.

The device is equipped with an LCD display which displays following values:

  • the current date and time
  • time of sunrise based on geographical location
  • time of sunset based on geographical location
  • current status of the relay output
  • keypad lock status

Cronos has the function of activity simulation, which means that in case of the power failure and after some time when the power is back, the state of the relays will be preserved like there was no break.

All of the Cronos parameters can be modified using front panel buttons.

The current configuration can be saved as a file on a memory stick.

Cronos is produced in two versions of power supply: 12-24V DC or 230VAC.

The device enclosure is DIN rail mountable.

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