Industrial RFID reader supporting the Modbus RTU protocol, dedicated to PLC

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RFID IND Modbus is an industrial RFID reader that has an RS485 port (Modbus RTU), a USB port (intended for configuration), two digital inputs and two relay outputs. The reader has a waterproof IP65 housing. Individual standards are supported depending on the device version.

Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus (UID), Mifare DESFire (UID)RFID IND Modbus Mif
Unique EM4100 EM4102 RFID IND Modbus Uni
HID 125kHz RFID IND Modbus H125

Technical data

Power supply

  • 12-24VDC,
  • 5VDC via USB,
  • Power consumption: max 1W (~40mA @ 12VDC).


  • 1x USB – to configure the device,
  • 1x RS485 – Modbus RTU.


  • Number of the inputs: 2,
  • Type of the inputs: dry contact NO.


  • Number of the outputs: 2,
  • Type of the outputs: relay NO,
  • Maximum load: 1A @ 30VDC.


  • depending on the device version,
  • tag reading distance: up to 8cm from the side of the LEDs.

Modbus RTU

The main communication protocol of the waterproof RFID reader is Modbus RTU via the RS485 port. The configuration software allows to select the transmission speed, parity and address of the device, so user can adapt the reader to different solutions. The module supports the following Modbus RTU functions:

  • 0x01 Read Coils,
  • 0x03 Read Holding Register,
  • 0x05 Write Single Coil,
  • 0x06 Write Single Register,
  • 0x0F Write Multiple Coils,
  • 0x10 Write Multiple Registers.


To use the full capabilities of the reader, it must be configured accordingly. Using the configuration program, which is available here, user can set the transmission speed, set the reader’s response to the card’s application, check the status of inputs, configure outputs and set the card reading mode.

Attention! For proper working of the RFID reader it is necessary to close the RFID Modbus Configurator application.

If you need to use a waterproof RFID reader with a LAN (HTTP client/server, Modbus TCP, SNMP and others), check RFID IND LED or RFID IND LCD.

The reader housing has no cable glands.

These readers also have built-in memory.

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