Multifunctional reader of transponders in Mifare standard

The RFID-USB-DESK (Mif) is a multifunctional reader of transponders in Mifare standard, created for office work. Works when connected to the USB port of the computer. The reader works on the basis of the CDC class (virtual serial port) and HID (keyboard emulation) USB interface.

The reader is equipped with 3 diodes, which can be assigned events: ON, OFF or ON READ.

desk.mif.progUseful functions

Configuration of the reader with the use of the included software allows you to set the Prefix and Postfix code, as well as choose the format of the card code out of five available:

  • Binary – a sequence of five bytes received directly from the card. This format is used almost exclusively in the mode of operation: virtual COM port
  • HEX LowerCase Letter – the received code from the card is converted into a hexadecimal system with lowercase letters, e.g. 1a2b3c4d5e.
  • HEX UpperCase Letter -the received code from the card is converted into a hexadecimal system with large letters e.g. 1A2B3C4D5E.
  • HEX UpperCase Letter Minus – the received code from the card is converted into a hexadecimal system with uppercase letters and additionally a character was inserted between bytes, e.g. 1A-2B-3C-4D-5E
  • Decimal – converts the received code into a decimal form

The Output options feature allows you to modify the read code:

  • Swap Output – activating the function displays the code in reverse order
  • AND – imposes a logical product on the bytes of the read code
  • PADDING – it adds zero bytes of code to the selected number of bytes.

The AND and PADDING functions allow us to standardize data when using tags of different length (4.7 or 10 bytes)

The Read Delay parameter allows you to choose from 6 options. First of all, read the tag every 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 seconds.In the No delay option, the tag is read every 0.5 seconds.Only the most interesting option is Only new Tag, in which the reader reads the code only once, even if the tag still remains close.The next reading takes place only after the transponder moves away and closes again.

The reader can be integrated with the client software, thanks to the CDC mode (virtual serial port). This mode allows you to completely take over the device.It is possible to light each diode separately and start the built-in sound generator and after applying the transponder, the data will be automatically sent to the serial port.Thanks to this, it is very easy to create an application that expects the transponder to be applied and, depending on the code read, it may generate a rising sound (eg acceptance) or falling sound (eg rejection).

Use of the device

The reader, in cooperation with programs operating on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems, can be used wherever there is a need to frequently log users on one computer, to identify equipment in lending facilities, in veterinary offices, clubs, loyalty systems.

Elevation (front sticker) of the device can be made in a different version as agreed with the client.


Technical data

Power supply: USB 5VDC (power supply from the computer’s USB port)

Standard of supported transponders: Mifare

Carrier frequency: 13.56MHz

Reading distance: about 10 cm

Communication: USB port

Dimensions: height – 22mm, width – 57.5mm, depth: 91.3mm


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