Reading the input status via Ethernet

Nano Digital Input

Nano Digital Input  module is the new version of the popular Nano IN. The device allows for remote reading of the status of one digital input via Ethernet. The input status is also visible on the 7-segment LED display. The device can be powered by PoE compliant with IEEE 802.3af or 12-24 VDC power supply.


The wide application of Nano Digital Input PoE is possible thanks to the use of a number of communication protocols, including HTTP Get, Modbus TCP, SNMP, MQTT Inveo. In addition, the module has a built-in web server, which can be connected using popular internet browsers: Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Chrome.


Using the TCP / IP protocol, the module has the ability to send information about the input status to another module or to the server. Thanks to this, another device can react, for example, by activating a relay.

Moreover, if the MQTT Inveo service has been activated, the module sends to the server the input status every 1 minute and every time it is changed. Data downloaded from the server can be used in client own application.

Technical data

Supported protocols:

  • HTTP (GET)
  • SNMP (Trap)
  • Modbus TCP
  • TCP (shared protocol)
  • MQTT Inveo

Power supply:

  • 10-24VDC or PoE IEEE 802.3af
  • Power consumption: max 1,5W


  • Input Type: NO

  • Maximum value of the counter: 4 294 967 296

    • Maximum input frequency: 1000Hz


  • LAN – LAN connection and PoE IEEE 802.3af power supply
  • RESET – a button designed to enable DHCP, check the current IP address and restore factory settings
  • INPUT – NO input
  • POWER – an additional power connector used in the event of a PoE power failure. Supply voltage 12-24VDC


  • height: 27 mm; width: 74.6 mm; length: 50.1 mm

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